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Equipment: Vacuum casting machine
Equipment Type: Vacuum Equipment
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-08-04
Main Features: 1. Epoxy resin vacuum casting equipment can be achieved and the cycle-type batch production, high production efficiency. 2. Film degassing technology, faster and more efficient mixture dehydration more fully degassed, stock preparation system can handle full vacuum. 3. Special mixing system, and can increase packing process, the better will be mixed epoxy filler to avoid packing into small groups or mixed unevenly affected Casting quality, the special structure of device to prevent the bottom of the filler sedimentation.
Description: Epoxy resin vacuum casting equipment is imported equipment company in the draw based on the combination of imported and domestic raw materials made of the performance characteristics of the development, technology Operation level in the leading position. Epoxy resin vacuum casting equipment for dry-type transformers, reactors, transformers and other high-voltage switch insulator production
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